A Healthy Diet

Healthy Eating, go all-natural 

Everyone is going frantic over all of the pet food recalls and rightfully so, but there are still so many natural options out there. I figured I would do some research and find out what “natural pet foods” are truly all-natural and within the means of someone on a budget. What should we be feeding our cats and dogs?

After some research and speaking with my veterinarian I’ve realized that we have our pet’s diets all wrong. Recently Oprah interviewed Dr. Marty, a published writer and veterinarian. His website gives some important guidelines for feeding your dog or cat.

Feeding Your Canine or Feline

According to Dr. Marty the healthiest thing you can feed your dog/cat is organic raw meat. Keep in mind that it will take a while to switch your pet from packaged food to raw meat. Their digestive system will not be able to handle a drastic change. You should gradually introduce fresh cooked meats and eventually raw meat. Do not cook the meat with spices or oils. In addition to meat you should also feed your furry friend a very small amount of fresh raw vegetables. Dogs and cats are carnivores and do not need many carbohydrates. According Dr. Marty and other veterinarians you can introduce small amounts of brown rice, carrots, potatoes, peas and other fresh vegetables.

If you choose to feed your dog or cat packaged dog food, dry kibble is the lowest on the totem poll. It is primarily grain and it usually has loads of artificial chemicals. Premium canned foods are better, but look for those brands that are grain free and all-natural. You should be able to pronounce and at least recognize everything in the ingredients list.

Personally, most of the premium, all-natural canned pet foods are so expensive I would rather cook up a small amount of ground turkey or lamb and carrots. The dog (Bailey as a puppy) that lives with us is so small he eats very little anyways. Don’t get me wrong every once in a while we just run out of time and he’s subjected to dry kibble. I would eventually like to switch to all raw foods. I figure at least we are trying; this green chick is going GREEN one small step at a time.

Recalled Pet Foods

Dog foods that have been recalled.

Cat foods that have been recalled.

You should always check with your vet before switching your pet’s diet.

I plan on researching diets for other animals. We have two white rats at home and I want to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition. Let me know if you have any other animals you would like menu plans for.


3 responses to “A Healthy Diet

  1. Update: Here is some great information from the FDA on how to read pet food labels. What is the actual difference between “Beef for dogs” and “Beef dinner for dogs.” The FDA explains at: http://www.fda.gov/cvm/petlabel.htm

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  3. I found a great free book available online that deals with natural pet care. Check it out. http://www.garynull.com/intro.asp

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