Why planting cat grass is the GREEN thing to do


 It is good for your cat: Fresh greens can help your cat’s digestive system function properly.  The plant fiber found in cat grass reduces hairballs and keeps things running smoothly. It also contains beneficial vitamins and minerals. Growing a small pot of wheat, rye, oat or barley grass can keep your cat happy, healthy and away from your other houseplants.
Added bonus: Cat grass contains chlorophyll, a natural breath freshener.

Good for the earth: Gardening has been proven to help people connect with nature and think about their own effect on the environment. Indoor plants can also help circulate and clean the air we breathe inside our home.   

Check back for more information about plants and pets. Some indoor house plants are toxic for cats and dogs. Like always, This GREEN Life offering a simple view on living green and clean.  

Do it yourself Eco- Kits: A fairly new company, Eco-Me™ specializes in 100% natural do-it-yourself kits. Two of their kits are dedicated to pets. This is one of the first products like this that I have seen. They would really make great gifts! Log on to their site and purchase one of these inexpensive kits or just create your own.  The kits retail for $28.   

The cat kit includes:

3 containers to mix your Eco-Me Cat products
1 bottle of Eco-Me Cat blend essential oil mix
1 mixer
1 Bag of Organic Catnip
1 Natural Burlap Cat pillow
1 Bag of organic soil
1 Bag of organic cat grass seeds (mix of wheat, oat & barley seeds)

 According to the company:

“Pets are exposed to chemicals the same way humans are, through ingestion, dermal contact and inhalation. Use natural products and keep your loved ones safe and healthy.”

 They also suggest cleaning with natural products you already have around your home, such as vinegar and baking soda. For more information on cleaning naturally check out my previous blog, For Dog Sakes!, Clean Up Your Act.   


4 responses to “Why planting cat grass is the GREEN thing to do

  1. Ops, sorry about that… I was saying: I never managed to get my cat more interested in cat grass than my house plants. The only cat grass I found came in a shallow plastic box with sand. When he tried to eat one, he could only lift the whole block of grass+sand. Of course, then he stepped right over it and went for MY plants… bastard.

  2. Alina, It is much cheaper and easier to just buy the seeds and plant them in a pot with peat and dirt. The grass will grow really fast if it has proper drainage. Check out this really helpful link: http://www.yougrowgirl.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3223

    Good Luck! Thanks for the comment.

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