Should we STOP buying Plastic Pet Toys?

Cat Eyes 

The inspiration for this entry came from EnviroWoman. She is my new hero. She has taken a pledge to give up plastic in 2007.  

“I’m giving up plastic in 2007. That means starting January 1st, I’m not buying/accepting products that contain or are packaged in plastic. Sounds simple? Think about it….shampoo/deodorant in plastic bottles, toothpaste with plastic lids, toilet paper wrapped in plastic…and that’s just the morning routine. Read about my adventures in the no-plastic zone.” 

This woman is brave! I’m still working on the zero plastic shopping bag thing. But EnviroWoman did get me thinking. What about all those plastic pet toys? Eventually they end up in landfills and I’m sure there are many alternatives out their. I plan on doing some research this weekend to find some alternatives.  I have heard of pet toys made out of recycled plastic like plastic soda bottles 

If you know of any good eco-friendly pet toys please leave a comment and spread the love. Hopefully we will come up with some really interesting stuff.


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