Acetaminophen in Pet Food

Blue, Blue Sky 

This morning my good friend Lauren sent me a frantic, high alert email stating that she was “only going to feed Sahlen (her little dog) cooked chicken from now on.” I think her statement was a little frantic, but can you really blame her?  

Reports came out this week from a Texas Lab that found pain medicine in pet food. What’s next? Now the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating the labs findings of acetaminophen in dog and cat food. The brands that contained the pain medicine were NOT included in the 150 Menu Brand pet foods already recalled.   

This is the fifth toxic substance that has been found in pet food over the past 2.5 months. If the lab’s results prove to be true, they should not be taken lightly. The ASPCA interviewed Dr. Steven Hansen, a board-certified toxicologist and senior vice president with the ASPCA, who manages the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center (APCC).  

“Our data show that if an average-sized cat ingests as little as one extra-strength acetaminophen pain-reliever caplet and is not treated in time, it can suffer fatal consequences. Depending on the amount ingested, clinical effects can include a condition called ‘methemoglobinemia,’ which affects the ability of blood cells to deliver oxygen to vital organs, or even liver damage.” 

To learn more about how acetaminophen affects pets and the signs you should look for, read the press release published today by the ASPCA. The brands potentionally containing the pain releaver have not yet been identified. If your considering switching your pet to a home-cooked diet read Breaking News: The NY Times Reports China’s Shocking Secret , Are Homemade Diets Safe? , and of course, check with your veterinarian.


2 responses to “Acetaminophen in Pet Food

  1. Ok so I won’t REALLY feed Sahlen only chicken from now on, but man, options are starting to look very bleak in dog-food-land. Perhaps I will continue my dry organic food regimen while further researching safe & wholesome homemade dog food diets…

  2. I no longer purchase food for my two Yorkies. I feed them rice, green beans, carrots and cut up chicken…….they love it. Sometimes I add baby food for variety.

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