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Sad Dog

Personally, I hate smelly stuff. Especially the flowery chemical bathroom sprays. I don’t really even wear perfume that often. There is something about spraying chemicals on my body that just doesn’t set right with me. I don’t know how the people in the perfume stores stand it all day. A 3.5-minute walk through leaves me with a brain crushing headache.  

The same philosophy rings true for my home. I will occasionally go for the essential oils or natural soy candles, but anything other than that frankly just freaks me out a bit. In college a roommate accidentally put a fabric softener sheet in the dryer with my bed clothes (without my knowledge) and I ended up in the emergency room (I wish I could say I’m exaggerating).

Our pets can also be sensitive to chemical fragrances and strong perfumes. Think about the scented pet products you use. If that chemically, flowery smelling cat litter bothers you when you change the cat litter, imagine how it affects your cat every time they use the litter box. Is your doggie shampoo laden with synthetic perfumes? I recently read about “rainbow scented doggie bags on a roll.” What’s on those PLASTIC bags that make them smell like “rainbow?” If you do like scented soaps for your pet consider one with an essential oil, such as lavender. Lavender is very soothing and great for dogs that are anxious, and what dog isn’t when they’re being bathed. 

 Odor Control

To neutralize pet odors use nontoxic products that are specifically made for pet messes and pet odors. Natural products made for pets are most effective because they organically break down waste while neutralizing odors, and since they are all-natural, they are safer for homes with animals. Great homemade cleaning solutions such as baking soda, white vinegar and club soda work great. Never use ammonia, it smells like urine to animals and may make your indoor “accident” problem worse. OxiClean Free (OxiClean’s dye- and fragrance-free offering) is what I often use in my home.

BP’s 100% Natural Pet Odor Eliminator is a great example of a natural pet odor product. It claims to be a “safe and effective formula of 100% natural vegetable enzymes which quickly neutralize the strongest pet odors on contact. Non-staining and non-corrosive, so it’s safe for any surface in the home. Can be applied directly to pet. It even removes skunk odor.”

Whenever possible simply air out your home. Fresh air is the best from of Odor Control. It sounds simple, but when was the last time you turned off you’re A/C or heat and opened up your windows and turned on the fans? It’s natural and cheap! Studies show that indoor air pollution can be 3 to 5 times greater than outdoor air pollution. This can be caused by dust, chemicals, pet dander, skin dander (ewww), cleaning agents, artificial fragrances etc.  

If you know of a great, natural odor eliminator please share!


7 responses to “Smelly Stuff

  1. I just found this tip from a gal that has 2 big dogs:

    “I have two ‘love of my life’ Rottweilers that live in/outdoors in Southern Florida with me. I vacuum frequently and something that has helped me tremendously keep my green-clean house smelling lovely is putting organic cotton balls with approximately 10 drops of essential oils into the vacuum cleaner bag. The scent lasts until I change my vacuum bag, just about once a month.

    I have received so many compliments on my yummy smelling house–essential oil favorites are orange, lemon, rosemary, rose and lavender. Who needs all those toxic air fresheners and aerosol cans?! Simple. Effective. Inexpensive. Earth Friendly. Health Friendly. Doggie Friendly. Try it–you’ll like it!

  2. This is a great post. I have asthma and went fragrance free a long time ago. I never even considered putting fragrances on my pets, but do use scented kitty litter. You gave me something to think about.

  3. I actually just happen to use organic conditioner i got at the Vitamin Shoppe that I HATED when I used it on my hair but is wonderful when I use it on my dog. Pricey…yes…but worth using instead of just throwing it out. Makes the coat really shiny and smooth.

  4. this natural line is safe for pets as it is made safe for humans! all natural even the fragrances are not in any chemical base at all. The sleep easy pillow mist, the tea tree facial mist and the peppermint-aloe body spray all work great with pets and orders. Vacuuming with peppermint oil soaked cotton balls in the bag as well as sprinkling the peppermint foot crystals, sea salt based and even put in the litter box can work too. The rsemary mint shampoo and conditoner and the white tea shampoo/conditioner is like all the products free if chemical, mineral oil and artificial preservatives. I have heard of lots of folks using the products with pets.

  5. not sure I gave the website: the main company site Daisy Blue Naturals out of Minnesota! just let them know Tami M sent you there:) GOOD LUCK

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  7. A Distinctive, Non-toxic Cleaning Alternative: Bio-Enviro is all natural, bio-degradable, 100% safe, non-toxic alternative to chemical based products for cleaning as nature intended. Bio-Enviro contains amazing attributes with a blend of special ingredients; when continually cleaning with this solution it will keep pests from wanting to be in the use of it’s environment.

    Bio-Enviro is extremely diverse: Glass – 1:256 (one ounce to two gallons of water), All Purpose – 1:128 (one ounce to one gallon of water), Heavy Cleaning – 1:64 (two ounces to one gallon of water). No product on the market can come remotely close to this pricing or the small amount of product used.

    See just how economically priced and inexpensive it is to use Bio-Enviro “Concentrated Formula” ~ makes gallons of cleaner for pennies, but we do also offer a “Ready To Use” – “Non-Concentrated Formula” for those of you whom prefer to have the product ~ Ready to Use

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