Do you take your pet to work?


This Friday is “Take Your Pet to Work Day”, and while I’m not one of the lucky pet lovers that has the privilege of taking Fido to work, I was shocked to read that  1 in 5 businesses allows employees to bring their pet to work on a daily basis (according to the APPMA– the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association).  

The holiday has been celebrated since 1999, when 300 companies participated. Last year an estimated 10,000 businesses joined in on the action.  The event sponsor, Pet Sitters International, disseminates information packets on how to participate and as a result has gained a lot of website traffic and recognition.  

Need Help Persuading Your Boss:

  • Having pets in an office can break down barriers, put people at ease
  • The presence of animals makes for a creative environment
  • Helps workers get along
  • Decreases absenteeism
  • Improves relationships between workers and managers
  • Makes long work days more tolerable

 If you get the sense that you’ll be able to bring your dog to work when pigs fly, how about a fish? You might get some of the same benefits and having a silent colorful fish swimming around in a bowl on your desk wouldn’t hurt anyone. Fish are very relaxing creatures. I suggest a Siamese Fighting fish (Betta Splendens) fish. They are happier when alone (especially males), you can put a Peace Lily plant on top so when you leave for the weekend they can munch on any green algae that grow, feed themselves and clean up their own tank! What could be more perfect?



* An Important Note- Betta can not live on plant material alone. During the week you should feed this particular species dry “betta pellets.” In the wild they primarily eat insects and are a carnivorous fish. They have an upturned mouth for plucking insects that have fallen on the surface of the water. This specific fish also needs to gulp air from the surface. Set up the Lily so that there is an open space at the top of the water for the Betta to reach the air. Don’t forget to change the water often.  

I know I could use a little more “green” in my office.  


7 responses to “Do you take your pet to work?

  1. I think that is a fabulous idea, we just had Bring You Kids to Work Day, and I don’t have any kids, so why shouldn’t I be able to bring my dog?! I’ll dress him up nice even 🙂

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  3. I’m so getting a beta fish for my home office so I have someone to talk to, and complain about the people I have to work with. All he could do is agree!

  4. Altho ot may seem betas like to be alone, but they really love having people, other fish, or even a computer screen saver to keep them happy and ocupyed, see what I meen

  5. I even take my betta when going on errands 😉 glad it doesn’t happen too often. I discovered that he’s happier when traveling with me than when left alone.

  6. Chrys Holtzhauer

    Are cats, dogs and birds allowed to come to the workplace?

    I’ve never heard of this event before as I’m sure many others haven’t either — it would be interesting [if not hilarious], to see people coming in with a boa constrictor or an ignuana to work…!

    How at ease do you think Office life would be then?

  7. Twiggy (my pup) goes everywhere with me in the truck. (actually, she’s with me 24/7)

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