The Many Benefits of Neutering


My friend Channing, foster parent to Summer (still in need of a home), posted this great comment concerning the benefits of neutering. She brought up some excellent points and I think it deserves it’s own entry:

I wanted to make sure all of April’s readers were aware of the amazing health and behavioral benefits of neutering male dogs (in addition to the community benefit of helping to prevent pet overpopulation):

Neutering is recommended for all dogs and is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Dogs that have been neutered show a reduced sexual interest in females after approximately six to 12 months. Episodes of aggression towards other male dogs should also cease. In 60 percent of cases, inter-male aggression is reduced, as is mounting of people. Roaming (i.e. running away from home) is also reduced in about 90 percent of cases. Territorial urine marking in the house, if it occurs, is reduced in half the cases.

The health effects of castration are quite significant. There is a reduced incidence of perianal adenomas (i.e. tumours of the rectal area) and the risk of testicular tumors is completely eliminated. There is also a reduced incidence of perineal hernias.

Source: Veterinary Medical Association

For information regarding neutering/spaying cats please see my pervious post, Trap-Neuter-Release.

Thanks Channing! 


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