B.Y.O.C – Bring Your Own Cup


 Yesterday I wrote about New York’s campaign against disposable single-serving water bottles that encourages New Yorkers to drink more tap water.  I thought it would be fun to cover some of the alternative reusable water bottles on the market today. Many of them are quite trendy, as well as GREEN. 

 I’m not a plastic girl. Lately there’s been a lot of concern over Lexan plastic water bottles (Polycarbonate #7) leaching harmful chemicals into the container’s contents. Not to mention, plastic often makes your water taste a little funny. This green chick prefers stainless steel. All you taste is good, clean water, not plastic. Glass is better than plastic, but not always the best for traveling and everyday running around. Many brands are also making aluminum lined bottles.  

One of my favorite brands is SIGG. They have practically a million different designs and you can usually find them at a good price. If you’re looking to make a statement, they have some beautiful designs. MySigg has 144 different SIGG bottles to choose from.  I like the ones with the metal hook, or the screw top design. You can use a carabineer to hook it to your backpack or reusable shopping bag. While your their check out the fun Aluminum Boxes. They have a food-safe coating, and a rubber leak-proof seal.   

Klean Kanteen also makes a stainless steel water bottle. They even have a cool sippy cup adapter for children. Reusablebags.com is currently running a sale on the 27oz. Kanteen. (They also carry SIGG bottles.) When you order from Reusablebags.com you receive a cool sticker that says “plastic bags blow.” How cool is that? 

 If you prefer aluminum try Zefal. Amazon has one for only $7.99. I really don’t know much about the aluminum bottles, or the Zefal brand.    

Need a little more motivation? Chris at LightStep.com lists 5 reasons not to drink single-serving bottled water. 

 My current water bottle crush:


 Fun Tip: Make your own reusable shopping bag with this easy pattern. Feel free to leave your own water bottle tip!


5 responses to “B.Y.O.C – Bring Your Own Cup

  1. great post!!! i am always concerned with this… born free is a great baby bottle co. for this very reason. i was just recently introduced to sigg bottles, but have yet to buy one. i plan on selling all of my nalgene bottles and replacing them with a sigg or two 🙂

  2. Ok so no one informed me Nalgene’s are bad! I don’t actually have one right now…but whoa!!!! I used a pink one religiously in college.


  3. Good info! Thanks!

  4. plastic should be banned , its not good for the health of our planet

  5. Step up in style and quality from the plastic sippy cup. All SIGG bottles are tested 100-percent safe with NO leaching. All SIGG bottles are durable

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