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Animal Feces Disposal Cont.


Kris, a GREEN Life reader, recently left a comment on a previous post The Green Way to Pick up Doggie Doo-Doo and posed a great question.

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You could be killing Sea Otters without even knowing it

Stop to smell the flower 

Scientists recently found that the parasite Toxoplasmosis Gondii (TG), commonly found in cat feces, is making its way to the sea otters’ habitat and causing harm to the endangered species.  If you live in a coastal community scientists urge you not to flush cat feces or used flushable cat litter down toilets or drains.  

Cats are the only animals that shed TG through their feces (the same reason why pregnant women should never change the litter box). Since the egg-stage of TG is strong enough to withstand processing in sewage treatment plants, it can pose a threat to sea otters residing near freshwater outflows. Researchers in coastal communities have also called for cat owners to keep their cats indoors. Keeping cats indoors reduces the chance of spreading the disease and indoor cats are also less likely to get the disease by eating infected birds or rodents. Continue reading

Are You Spending Money to Make Your Pets Sick?

Cat Parade

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that indoor air pollution is 3 – 5 times greater than outdoor air pollution. Many household cleaning products, pet products and air fresheners on the market give off fumes containing invisible chemicals that can concentrate to unhealthy levels. Chemicals, artificial fragrances and dust particles adhere to carpets, fabrics and air vents. Indoor allergens and irritants can trigger attacks and affect people or pets with asthma. Cats are particularly prone to asthma, especially Siamese cats. Since Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors and many of our pets rarely leave the home, air quality is a pretty serious topic.  Continue reading