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Disaster Preparedness


When Mother Earth creates havoc it’s important to be prepared. This month’s addition of Pet Product News had some really great information on pet preparedness in case of a natural disaster or other emergency situation. Hurricane Katrina left millions of pets and pet owners in serious trouble when they had to evacuate. The article made some really good points and strongly suggests having a pet survival kit. Hurricane season is coming to a head in certain parts of the country and Texas is experiencing severe flooding.  Other disasters, such as fires and chemical spills should be taken into consideration.   Continue reading


Sunscreen – Is it safe for dogs?


Natural sunscreen is important for people and pooches. My friend Kelly made me think of this tip. She has a small Dachshund, Bailey, and occasionally rubs some of her sunscreen on him. While she never has him out in the sun for too long, we do live in sunny Florida and the little guy is mostly white with very short hair.   Continue reading

My Convictions Were Put to the Test


Yesterday evening I had a lesson in standing up for what you believe in and knowing what to do when you’re called upon to act. Whether it is speaking up for the environment or pets, I refuse to be all-talk.   Continue reading

The Many Benefits of Neutering


My friend Channing, foster parent to Summer (still in need of a home), posted this great comment concerning the benefits of neutering. She brought up some excellent points and I think it deserves it’s own entry: Continue reading

No Acetaminophen in Pet Food?


Following article reprinted from Pet Product News International  

No Acetaminophen in Pet Food, FDA Says
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration finds no evidence to support an earlier report that acetaminophen contaminated pet food. Continue reading

Florida Dog Lovers, A dog needs YOUR help!

A good friend of mine’s neighbors moved out of their house yesterday and left their poor dog behind. She is a red shephard mix, weighs about 50 lbs, and is the sweetest dog! They had her living outside chained in their backyard and now they have left her chained to some trees beside their house. She has food and water but has no shelter from the heat or rain. If you have a fenced yard and would be able to take care of her, we would really prefer not to take her to the humane society. The family that owned her had three young girls, so she is good with kids. Continue reading