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Roundup: Three Green Tips this Tuesday


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products – Save money while protecting  your family and pets

Crunchy Chicken (If you haven’t yet checked out this eco-chick’s blog I really recommend it) asked her readers for natural cleaning solutions. The comments she received covered everything from windows and bathtubs to natural hair cleaning recipes.  Many of the solutions will also save you money.  

Did you know, you can make your own laundry soap  using a combination of Fels Naptha  , Borax and washing soda. Apparently it is much less expensive that regular laundry detergent. Continue reading


Homeopathy has gone to the dogs, and cats


People have been turning to homeopothy and holistic health care for centuries and many are choosing to raise their pets in the same manner. Holistic pet care can be confusing for those of us not familiar with it. I thought I would give a brief intro and define a few key terms. Keep in mind that holistic health does not mean the same thing to everyone. Feel free to leave your comments and experiences below.

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Why planting cat grass is the GREEN thing to do


 It is good for your cat: Fresh greens can help your cat’s digestive system function properly.  The plant fiber found in cat grass reduces hairballs and keeps things running smoothly. It also contains beneficial vitamins and minerals. Growing a small pot of wheat, rye, oat or barley grass can keep your cat happy, healthy and away from your other houseplants.
Added bonus: Cat grass contains chlorophyll, a natural breath freshener. Continue reading