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Sunscreen – Is it safe for dogs?


Natural sunscreen is important for people and pooches. My friend Kelly made me think of this tip. She has a small Dachshund, Bailey, and occasionally rubs some of her sunscreen on him. While she never has him out in the sun for too long, we do live in sunny Florida and the little guy is mostly white with very short hair.   Continue reading


Roundup: Three Green Tips this Tuesday


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products – Save money while protecting  your family and pets

Crunchy Chicken (If you haven’t yet checked out this eco-chick’s blog I really recommend it) asked her readers for natural cleaning solutions. The comments she received covered everything from windows and bathtubs to natural hair cleaning recipes.  Many of the solutions will also save you money.  

Did you know, you can make your own laundry soap  using a combination of Fels Naptha  , Borax and washing soda. Apparently it is much less expensive that regular laundry detergent. Continue reading

Do you take your pet to work?


This Friday is “Take Your Pet to Work Day”, and while I’m not one of the lucky pet lovers that has the privilege of taking Fido to work, I was shocked to read that  1 in 5 businesses allows employees to bring their pet to work on a daily basis (according to the APPMA– the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association).   Continue reading

Smelly Stuff

Sad Dog

Personally, I hate smelly stuff. Especially the flowery chemical bathroom sprays. I don’t really even wear perfume that often. There is something about spraying chemicals on my body that just doesn’t set right with me. I don’t know how the people in the perfume stores stand it all day. A 3.5-minute walk through leaves me with a brain crushing headache.   Continue reading

Homeopathy has gone to the dogs, and cats


People have been turning to homeopothy and holistic health care for centuries and many are choosing to raise their pets in the same manner. Holistic pet care can be confusing for those of us not familiar with it. I thought I would give a brief intro and define a few key terms. Keep in mind that holistic health does not mean the same thing to everyone. Feel free to leave your comments and experiences below.

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Should we STOP buying Plastic Pet Toys?

Cat Eyes 

The inspiration for this entry came from EnviroWoman. She is my new hero. She has taken a pledge to give up plastic in 2007.  

“I’m giving up plastic in 2007. That means starting January 1st, I’m not buying/accepting products that contain or are packaged in plastic. Sounds simple? Think about it….shampoo/deodorant in plastic bottles, toothpaste with plastic lids, toilet paper wrapped in plastic…and that’s just the morning routine. Read about my adventures in the no-plastic zone.” 

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The GREEN way to pick up doggie doo-doo

Dog Playing in water

I have a good friend that is consistently buying rolls of those blue plastic doggie waste bags to carry around with her when she takes her little dog for a walk. I don’t blame her. The bags fit right into the little plastic fire hydrant on her dog’s leash and they are really convenient. She does the responsible thing and picks up after her dog, but I still don’t think she has thought the entire process through.   Continue reading