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No Plastic With My Water, Please


This week NPR (the only place for real news in my opinion) covered a new campaign in New York urging the city to drink more tap water and say no to the bottled stuff. 

 According to the City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden, NY paid top dollar for the city’s water system. The municipal water supply is safe, but many New Yorkers come from places where it may be unsafe to drink the water. Many American’s generally are just not as used to getting water from the tap anymore.   Continue reading


Pots Made From Poop


A friend of mine came across this fun, ultra-green product that was featured on the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs, CowPots™.   

CowPots™, “The Pots You Plant,” were invented by the Freund dairy farming family in northwestern Connecticut. They are made from manure solids and are of course, 100% biodegradable. This is a great example of farmers turning an agricultural waste product into a horticultural goldmine. Not only do the pots fully decompose, they add rich nutrients to the soil, feed seedlings and attract beneficial earth worms. Since plant roots continue to grow into the earth, there’s no risk of straining plants during transplanting.  Continue reading

Should we STOP buying Plastic Pet Toys?

Cat Eyes 

The inspiration for this entry came from EnviroWoman. She is my new hero. She has taken a pledge to give up plastic in 2007.  

“I’m giving up plastic in 2007. That means starting January 1st, I’m not buying/accepting products that contain or are packaged in plastic. Sounds simple? Think about it….shampoo/deodorant in plastic bottles, toothpaste with plastic lids, toilet paper wrapped in plastic…and that’s just the morning routine. Read about my adventures in the no-plastic zone.” 

Continue reading