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Roundup: Three Green Tips this Tuesday


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products – Save money while protecting  your family and pets

Crunchy Chicken (If you haven’t yet checked out this eco-chick’s blog I really recommend it) asked her readers for natural cleaning solutions. The comments she received covered everything from windows and bathtubs to natural hair cleaning recipes.  Many of the solutions will also save you money.  

Did you know, you can make your own laundry soap  using a combination of Fels Naptha  , Borax and washing soda. Apparently it is much less expensive that regular laundry detergent. Continue reading


Acetaminophen in Pet Food

Blue, Blue Sky 

This morning my good friend Lauren sent me a frantic, high alert email stating that she was “only going to feed Sahlen (her little dog) cooked chicken from now on.” I think her statement was a little frantic, but can you really blame her?   Continue reading

Soy Lattes are for people, not pets

Taking it all in 

The ASPCA , or American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, just did an informative post over on their blog about feeding soy milk to cats. I know that many eco-folk are soy drinkers (I’m not however), and thought this would be of interest. A reader, Debra, asked whether or not it was OK to feed her cat soy milk. Continue reading