Roundup: Three Green Tips this Tuesday


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products – Save money while protecting  your family and pets

Crunchy Chicken (If you haven’t yet checked out this eco-chick’s blog I really recommend it) asked her readers for natural cleaning solutions. The comments she received covered everything from windows and bathtubs to natural hair cleaning recipes.  Many of the solutions will also save you money.  

Did you know, you can make your own laundry soap  using a combination of Fels Naptha  , Borax and washing soda. Apparently it is much less expensive that regular laundry detergent.

Check out the blog for yourself and find more tips on my previous post, Are you spending money to make your pets sick? 

Cake for dogs?

Cake for dogs sounds a bit silly, but this is just too darn cute and super fun!  MA Snax sells all-natural, organic pet treats that are nutritionally balanced just for dogs. The mixes would make a great project for pet loving children.  

  • Birthday Cakes
  • Veggie Patch Treats

  • Personalized Dog Bones & Mixes

Mmm Wheat Free Lamb and oatmeal, doesn’t that sound delicious!

New! – Dog Runners, dog walkers are so yesterday

The latest trend in pets is the Dog Runner, according to the New York Times. Dog walking is great, but some people find that it is just not enough for their pooch, especially big dogs with lots of energy. Dog walking services have been around for awhile, but now more people are opting for a Dog Runner. While web surfing I found this dog running company located in NY.  

I don’t personally know anyone who pays to have their dog walked, that’s part of the joy of having a dog in my opinion. But according to the stats many people do choose to outsource the job for whatever reason. 

One of my friend’s occasionally straps weighted harnesses on her two big dogs when she is short on time or her pooches are long on energy. A few miles and they saunter home dog tired and happy as can be.


2 responses to “Roundup: Three Green Tips this Tuesday

  1. Wow. The number of people responding with their favorite natural cleaners (31 so far) is great! It will almost be hard wading through all the suggestions to determine what to try first.

    Thanks for the mention!!

  2. That would probably be an awesome job to start up in Palm Beach, dog running service!! Then you get your work out, while helping out some pooches that need to get out as well!

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